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We provide fast, professional, photographs of individuals or groups in our Pewaukee WI studio or on location anywhere you want.
Our Executive Photo and Portrait Service is the fast and easy way to have yourself or other executives at your company, custom photographed by a seasoned professional portrait photographer.

I get you in and out of the studio on your schedule, because I have been creating portraits of distinction for over 40 years. E-mail us, to schedule your personal appointment. Once at the studio, things go fast. Most clients are in and out in less than 30 minutes.

I specialize in on location studio portaits as well. I can come to your office and set up a portable portrait studio in any space about the size of a conference room. Give me an idea of what you plan on using the portrait for and I'll cue you about appropriate wardrobe. My lighting will capture you at your best, angle and focus. I usually take between 15 and 25 digital frames per sitting. You are photographed at several different angles in order to give you the greatest choice of proofs later.

View Your Proofs Instantly

If time allows, you can view your proofs on the spot, after download. Review the proofs and make your selection then we will take it from there. If you are not in a hurry and have internet access, we can upload a portrait web proof gallery in about a day or so. It's the convenient way to view your proofs at home or at the office. Click on the thumbnail photo below, to see a sample gallery.

You can send our private links to others, in an email and allow access them to your proofs, also. All clients have the option of sharing web link information with others they wish to authorize access. Otherwise, only those you authorized can view your proofs as the link is not visible on our home page. Again, they are a service to individual clients only, and not for release to the general public. Our web proofs are best viewed with broadband or better internet service. Dial-up service is a very slow way to review the proofs.

Standard Portrait Retouching

These fast web gallery proofs are set at low resolution and are not retouched. They are not color corrected, cropped or fixed until you make your choice, based on two things, the best facial expression and head position you like for the final use of this portrait. We only release files that have our standard retouching service completed ($25 minimum fee). That includes removal or correction of blemishes, hot spots, heavy shadows and wrinkles, teeth whitening, and skin discoloration. Also remember that these proofs need to be color corrected, brightened and sized, from the original raw files our professional camera produces, before they can be printed. Our studio does not allow any kind of reproduction from our copyrighted web proof gallery system.

Additional Photo Retouching Services

Weight reduction, cheek and neck thinning, scar removal, hair removal or transplants, ear reduction, nose touch-up, tooth reconstruction and skin or hair discoloration corrections are also possible on request, at additional cost. Of course we will try to estimate if additional work is needed after you provide your comments with your portrait choice.

Background Choices

We have a variety of standard backgrounds for your selection. Each is a little different, depending on what your final photo useage will be. If you are not sure at the time of your sitting, we will make a recommendation. In the end, you can have any background dropped behind you later, when we do the retouching. We have a "green screen" background that we use when you want a scenic photo or other non standard background, included in your portrait file. Since all images are digital, we have great flexibility to provide you with a dramatic background and lighting for portraits that portray your inner character. However, these character sessions may take a little more time than our standard portrait sittings.

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